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What is the best upright piano?

The best upright that money can buy is the Steinway. But it is not affordable for most (£20,000 +)

The best value upright piano has got to be the Yamaha B1. It can be pocked up for around £1600 on the internet.
Although the B1 us made in China, it is under the watchful eye of trained Yamaha techinicians. The factory is also run by Yamaha, so you get good quality pianos at a cheap price -- perfect combination!


What is the cheapest upright piano?

The cheapest piano I have seen is for around £1300. Quality? - terrible. The keys rattle, the sound is much too bright and harsh and you would actually be better off buying a digital piano (there, i said it) for around half the price!

I am not going to mention the name here in case of a serious backlash from the Company that sell this (who needs stress, eh?). But, if you want some advice on which piano to buy, or you have seen one in a shop and want to know what I think of it, just send me an email:

Be very careful when buying pianos this cheap! Make sure your piano purchase is backed up by a lengthy guarantee (at least 5 years, preferably 10).

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