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The piano market has been flooded with new digital piano brands over the last 2-3 years.

They're popping up everywhere!

Most are not very good, some outright appalling, and some surprisingly good.

Here is a list of the best (in order of the best first):

  • Yamaha (Great range and most popular by far)
  • Roland (Expensive, nice designs, good sound)
  • Kawai (Very nice sound, OK touch 'ish, not as cheap as they should be)
  • Kurzweil (Only buy the top end models. Superb action and warm, rounded sound)
  • Classenti (Only available online. One of the best new brands I've seen - excellent value)
  • Ketron (Very nice digital pianos. Shame they are way beyond the budget of most of us)
  • Casio (Cheap, good value. Sound and touch could be improved on a lot)
  • Winchester (Made in Korea by Dynatone. Great sound and touch, beautiful looking cabinet. Over priced though
  • Gem (Mr average must improve if they are to challenge not only the big brands, but the up and coming ones too)
  • Korg (Terrible quality, really! too expensive. Nothing nice to say about them now)

Ooh it's good to be honest! Hope I don't get in too much trouble!

Now to the nitty gritty!

Here is a list of the worst (in order of the worst first):

  • Chace (very cheap - not surprised why)
  • Suzuki (Oh dear, is all I have to say about Suzuki digital pianos)

Pianos due to be reviewed: Thomann, Hemingway, gear4music, diginova, digiano... watch out!

Yamaha CLP320

Digital Piano Reviews

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